How The Most Contributing Factor of Facial Beauty is Face Impression

The Most Contributing Factor of Facial Beauty is Face Impression

How The Most Contributing Factor of Facial Beauty is Face Impression  What constitutes facial beauty and what constitutes facial impression? Face is the center of attraction or cynosure of eyes of people. The first glance of people is on your face and first impression is last impression. Let us start with facial constitution. What constitutes face? The components of face or facial features are:


It is the co relational and co coordinated structure and coordinated working in deep cohesion and harmony that constitute real beauty of face or facial beauty Symmetry of the face constitutes real beauty..

. Every race, community and culture has it own beauty and concept of beauty. It differs from race to race and community to community. The England born people are called Gora by Indians are differentiated and recognized from Indian people by the color of their skin or facial features.


The structure of skin and color of skin is the most determining factor of your facial beauty, in the eyes of observer. The first glance of stranger’s eyes falls on skin of face. The skin is most determining factor of facial features and hence facial beauty. Who loves the acne and pimple bearing face or wrinkle bearing face? Even the subject herself does not like this type of face. Rhythm; mutual coordination of organs and co relationship are three fundament aspects and parameters of beauty. Sometimes it is conceived that beauty is subjective concept and it lies in the observing eye. The example of lailal majnu is generally given to authenticate this view point. This is partial truth. The objectivity of beauty can not be overruled or ignored. Generalizations are the rule not the subjectivity of a single person.


The next organ in hierarchy of facial beauty is structure of eyes. Even the fancy of poets takes this aspect of woman’s beauty in to considerations. The eyes mostly influence and appeal to the sense of the observing eyes .cute eyes contributes a lot to the cuteness of a face of a lady. Eyes have their own language of love and emotions. Have you ever seen an angry man with red eyes? Have you ever seen a girl with sexy eyes or outlook? Have you ever seen a lunatic with open wild eyes? Have you ever seen a furious man with crazy outlook? Have you ever seen a possessive girl with crazy and obsessive eyes? Have you ever s seen a lamb with innocent eyes? Have you ever seen a rapist with pouring sex from his eyes? Have you ever seen deep eyes like lake lost in love? All these examples speak how to the facial beauty / ugliness/ facial impression the eyes add. Eyes convey/ transmit and receive the messages of emotions like: love, hatred, passion.


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