Short hair styles – back in Vogue

short-hair-style1In the clothing industry, hemlines are becoming longer, while sporting short and sassy hair cuts are gaining momentum. Short hair – styled or left as is, have always been popular amongst women of all ages, whether the career oriented, housewife, student, or just someone who is willing to innovate.

Short hair cuts look chic; doing wonders for your self esteem, help to beat the heat and offer numerous possibilities to style it differently each time.

The first step towards cutting your hair short, would be to asses your ‘hair type’ and second; the ‘shape of your face’. Hair type ranges from straight, lustrous, thin and wispy to thick and curly; combination hair is a universal feature, where part of it may be poker straight at the top, descending into curls or waves towards the end.

Here are a few tips on face dimensions, to overcome the dilemma of where and how to start:

Oval face: The most versatile of shapes; you are considered lucky by most hair stylist. An oval shape can sport assorted styles. If you have straight hair, a wedge blunt cut covering the nape of the neck with a few bangs will look spiffy; with wavy or curly hair, the length should be to chin level excluding the bangs.

Round face: a layered cut is apt for round faces. The feathered look is good for all hair types; narrowing down the round shape.

Long and thin face: A shape that needs a ‘face-lift’ by increasing volume and body to hair. A crew or short crop with heavy layers on the top and tapering at the sides and base of neck will make the face look ‘fuller,’ The same cut applies to curly or wavy hair.

Square face:

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  1. i really love short hair cuts 😀 my hair is getting shorter and shorter everytime i go to the hairdresser

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