Refreshing Coolers for Ramadan

Quick and easy – prepare some of these refreshing thirst quenchers in 5 minutes or less, while plan for others that need more time. Other then the traditional sweet or salted lassi (made with yogurt and water), which is an all time favourite, during the Holy month of Ramadan; there are some who may want a change, every now and then. Here are some simple directions for you to make one or more cooler(s), for ‘Iftar’ or ‘Sehri’, as and when you please.

Burfi: Keeping the Tradition Alive

It’s name derived from the Persian word ‘barf’ meaning snow, the original form of burfi resembled cubes of ice, due to its white colour, shape and crumbly texture.

In recent times, the burfi has evolved from a ‘simple to an extraordinary’ sweet. The transition changed it’s appearance, taste and colour. The use of essence for smell; addition of dry and fresh fruits for taste and topped with a silver edible leaf ‘varq’ for decoration on celebratory occasions.

The assorted varieties available include…..

Eastern Traditions Making Waves in the West

Fashion trends in the East have greatly influenced many of the Haute Couture Collections in the West. The 21st Century is an era, where mingling of cultures, diversity and styles are fused together, to create a unique blend of fashion; where tradition meets trend.

Many of the emerging styles in the Western Hemisphere have inherent cultural roots from the Middle East and South Asian region. Here are some fashion trends making waves:

Palazzo pants: Customs and cultures, in different regions of…..

Highlights in your hair

Off and on, we feel the need for a make-over – Yes; even we get tired of our own appearance, and need a change. One way to make that change is to experiment with highlights/lowlights in your hair. Whether you have short hair or long, a little colour will transform your image and outlook, not to forget your self-confidence.

Here are some facts on: What are Highlights & Lowlights; the types available and what would suit your hair colour.

• Highlights: A process that…

Realxing bedroom

How to decorate your bedroom to make it more comfortable

The bedroom is the heart of your home. Your day starts and ends in your bedroom, which is why you need to make it your very own ‘comfort zone.’ The chosen décor must have balance and harmony, to help relieve stress and unwind after a hectic day at work, school or household chores. Select simple yet practical pieces of furniture that fit your lifestyle and budget. Regardless of the size of your bedroom, it needs to offer the basic amenities you need to make it comfortable and as cozy as possible.

Here are some suggestions to help decorate your bedroom:

The Teen Craze: Glitter T-shirts

They sparkle like gem stones, dazzle the eye; twinkle like stars and glow in the dark – Glitter T-shirts or more informally called Tee’s, have dominated the fashion industry with an increase in demand from teenage girls and kids, who love to wear them with jeans, gypsy skirts, shorts (mainly kids) and flared, capri or cargo pants, to casual and formal functions, school outings and birthdays, where they are proud to flaunt their beautiful glitter tops with embellishments that is the craze in fashion wear. Glitter Tee’s also fascinate boys and men, just as much as women of all ages.

7 Steps to a French Manicure

Stylish and sophisticated, the French Manicure is the ultimate sign of elegance in nail fashion. Manicure – derived from the Latin word Manus meaning ‘hands’ and Cura means care. Originating in France in the early 20th century, the French manicure shot to fame with fashion conscience women of all ages around the world. It has, thus acquired the status of the most Classic Style manicure of all times.
The French manicure involves painting your entire nail with a clear base coat and….

Ankle and toe accessories for Bridal wear

The craze to wear anklets or commonly known as ‘payal or pazaib’ in a single strand made with gold or silver, or multi-coloured beads or seashells threaded in a string, started some three to four decades back, when glamorous fashion magazines and movies portrayed models and celebrities, wearing trendy and ‘hip’ anklets and toe rings, which soon became the rage in the world of fashion accessories.

Today, most bridal ensembles in South Asian and Middle Eastern countries are incomplete without the..

Plants That Flourish Inside the House

All in-house plants need to be protected from harsh sunlight, dark rooms and draft. Sometimes plants tend to die indoors despite all the appropriate conditions to help them thrive. This is because a number of plants are not meant for indoor use, and will eventually die, if they remain inside the house. There are certain types of plants that do well ‘in and out-doors’ while some are best suited in their natural surrounding.

Here are types of popular house plants best suited for home décor.