Sunuba’s Spa and Salon: Spa-tacular

Sunuba’s Spa and Salon: Spa-tacular

Sunuba’s Spa and Salon: Spa-tacularIf you aren’t headed to an exotic retreat this summer and are looking for a break from the daily grind, a few hours at Sunuba’s Spa and Salon is just what you need. With soothing melodies floating through the beach resort-like premises, and bamboo shoot decor to complete the look, Sunuba manages to get the four essentials of the beauty business right: Hygiene, ambiance, service and price.

While most salons have jarring Bollywood hits blasting through their stereos, unkempt staff, grimy equipment and property and sub standard products, Sunuba ensures that its patrons get their buck’s worth.

The staff, dressed in sarongs, greet one ever so warmly, and depending on how often one frequents the place, one discovers their own favorite staffer for a manicure, massage or even something as simple as a blow dry.

Huddled behind KFC on MM Alam Road, this establishment is the perfect remedy for all female woes, and provides indulgence on a budget like none other. Offering a wide menu — from the usual manicures and pedicure to massages and body treatments — Sunuba offers pocket friendly options for every conceivable indulgence, season and occasion.

Nominally priced, these package treatments don’t have to be availed greedily all in one go. Also, a discount card worth Rs1,000 can get you 30 per cent off on either the spa or salon treatments for the entire year — deal that is totally worth it for women in Lahore, who even get dressed for funerals!

Ex-supermodel Iman Ali, film star Noor, writer and artist Tehmina Durrani, as well as the actor Nadia Jamil are all known to pop in frequently for their regular beauty fixes. A socialite client was speaking of how particular she is about her manicures and has tried every salon in town, but no one satisfies her the way Mary’s manicures at Sunuba do. Model Sophia Mirza concurred: “The way Mary does my nails, it’s the way I get them done in Dubai.” Mirza said she loves the atmosphere and quality of client service at the salon. “I like trying new treatments every time I come and I love the body wraps they do. It’s an absolutely new concept in Pakistan and is exactly how they’re done in Seychelles.”

The spa menu boasts of enticing treatments from the Orient, Europe and the tropics.

Unlike other salons, one can observe how diligently the staff is trained. The owner’s daughter, Ubab Hurain, is perennially conducting tutorials on whatever new technique she has learnt from her many excursions abroad such air brush make up, gel nails and keratin treatments to even something as basic as threading.

Upon my last visit, the staff was carrying worksheets with different facial structures illustrated on them. Upon these, the staff had to draw a corresponding eye brow shape. This kind of meticulous attention to detail and constant innovation, up keep and research is what ensures that Sunuba keeps it’s A-game with beauty big wigs like Depilex, Tony&Guy, and now even Sabs in the same district.


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