Things to remember while making homemade creams and lotions


When making your own hand creams and hand lotions, remember these tips:

  • If going preservative-free…. It’s important to remember that your natural products will not stay fresh for as long as commercial products do. By making your products in small batches that you use up within a short period of time, your products will stay fresh and you eliminate the need to preserve your products with harsh chemical preservatives.
  • Always keep water away from your jars! Even dipping a wet finger into a jar of your fresh lotion can contaminate it. Always make sure fingers are clean and dry or use an application to remove your lotion.
  • Store your products in dark containers or opaque packaging to keep them away from the harmful effects of sunlight.
  • More oil in a formulation will make the product thinner like a cream. More butter or beeswax will make the product more balm like and harder.

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