Things you didnt know you needed in Maternity Bag

Things you didn’t know you needed in Maternity Bag

Things you didnt know you needed in Maternity Bag

Finding a list of things to put in your maternity bag readt for the birth of your baby is easy, but what about those extras that you might not have thought of?

The standard maternity bag checklist consists of:

•    Your maternity notes and (if you have one) your birth plan
•    Socks
•    Snacks and drinks
•    One set of clothes for the baby and new born nappies if you need them
•    Any prescription drugs which you take
•    Nursing bras and nipple cream
•    Proper maternity towels (like sanitary towels but softer)
•    Toilet bag (toothbrush, toothpaste, face flannel, soap, shower gel, moisturiser etc)
•    Towels
•    Baby car seat – not for the bag but an essential nonetheless.

But as we know, when it comes to having babies it’s best to expect the unexpected!

So here’s our guide to the 10 things you may not have thought of to pack in you maternity bag for an all-round better birthing experience.

1.  Drinking Straws

This might sound totally ridiculous but we have it on good recommendation that these pieces of plastic will be one of your most used items.

The humble drinking straw means that your birth partner can supply you with refreshment while you concentrate on the job in hand…

Whether bouncing on a birth ball, leaning over the edge of the bed or keeping hydrated when things start to get moving.

Who would have thought they could be so useful?

2. Post-Birth/Going Home Clothes

Forget all the photographs of celebrities who appear to be utterly immaculate and in this seasons designer lovelies and concentrate instead on being comfortable.

Look in shops such as Marks and Spencer and Next, or online for good quality loungewear that will see you through the journey home and the days following the birth.

3. Lavender Oil

Lavender is widely known for its calming properties, whether dripped onto a tissue and inhaled or mixed into a glass of boiled water and left to steam.

Stock up on the biggest bottle you can find, and take a sniff during contractions or any moments of nervousness for an instant boost of reassurance.

4. Slippers

Labour often involves a lot of walking around, both in your own room and around the hospital, so make sure you include some comfortable footwear when packing your bag.

Don’t forget that hospitals, particularly the maternity wards, can be very warm, so the last thing you’ll want is anything majorly fluffy.

5. Hair Accessories

Hairbands and a wide stretchy headband are essential items for any labour bag.

Not only will they keep those pesky strays off your face when things start to get tough but a stretchy headband will cover a multitude of sins for the first baby pictures.

Forget the hairdryer and straighteners, trust us, at no point will you even consider using them.

Instead pack that trusty can of dry shampoo, still possibly the best invention ever.

6. Nightwear

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