When to Start Your Baby on Solids

Feeding Baby Food The Early DaysJust this past week, I bumped into two new moms of 4 months old who were particularly worried about when to start solids. One pointed out how her mother had been pressuring her for over 2 months to start solids – using that familiar phrase, “Well when you were a baby, I… and you turned out fine!”

There has been so much debate in recent years about the timing of solids. The best advice I can give parents is to talked to their pediatrician before they begin. I also urge them to realize that development isn’t like a light switch. Babies are unique, with unique feeding needs. Blanket statements to start your baby on solids at X months, doesn’t make a great deal of sense.

That being said, the medical community agrees that sometime between 4 to 6 months your baby will be ready for solids. For some babies it might be closer to the 4 month mark, for others the 6 month mark. The key is to start solids based on your baby’s development and needs.

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