What Is Your Skin Tone

Tips To Determine Your Skin Tone

What Is Your Skin ToneVein Test

One of the simplest ways to find out your skin tone is to look at the inside of your wrist in natural light. If you find your veins to be greenish in color, it indicates that you have a yellow undertone and hence have a warm skin tone. On the other hand if the veins appear to be bluish, it indicates that you have a cool skin tone.

Pony Tail Test

Another simple test to determine your skin tone is the pony tail test in which you have to pull all your hair back into a pony tail. Now place a white towel or cloth around your neck and shoulders. If your face looks yellowish in comparison to the white towel, this would indicate a warm skin tone. On the other hand, a bluish reflection will mean a cool skin tone.

Silver/Gold Test

The silver gold test is another determining factor of a cool or a warm skin tone. If you look better in gold than in silver, you have a warm skin tone. On the other hand, people with a cool skin tone look better in silver. You can even use a gold or silver colored cloth for this test. Hold a piece of gold fabric under your chin, does it make you look healthy or purple or neither? Try the same experiment with silver and judge for yourself as to which fabric looks good on you.

Natural Color Of The Eyes And Hair

Your natural look is the best determinant of your skin tone. People with blue, green or gray eyes with blonde, black or brown hair have cool skin tones. People with cool skin tones have pink or rosy undertones. On the other hand, people with brown, black or hazel eyes and having black, brown, blonde, red or strawberry blonde hair usually have warm skin tone with a golden or apricot undertone.

The Color Test

You can also judge your skin tone by testing various colors on your skin. If you find yourself looking good in rich colors like navy blue, dark green, red, hot pink, magenta or silver, you fall more towards the cool skin type. If you look good in warm and earthy colors like light green, gold, mocha, peach, orange or bronze, you probably have a warm skin tone.

Neutral Skin Tone

If after conducting the above mentioned tests you are still unable to determine your skin tone, then you may fall under the neutral skin tone category. People with neutral skin tones can wear any color and can lean towards either one of the skin tone types.

It is essential to determine your skin tone since it provides you with clarity when it comes to choosing the colors you wish to wear.


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