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TONI and GUY has been making waves. Recently the Karachi outlet was featured in the Hairdressers Journal, International, one of the best UK hairdresser magazines,

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If you want to sport a haircut like Amy Winehouse and Rihanna then there is no need to go abroad. There is one place in Karachi where you can get your desired cut. Yes, we are talking about TONI and GUY.

Ever since its inception last year, the flagship salon has been making waves. The mastermind behind the salon, Saeeda Mandviwalla, doesn’t just spin out haircuts though. They say beauty is superficial, but the lady has found a way to harness a deeper meaning to life through beauty.

Recently, she did us all proud by getting featured in one of the top most fashion journals in all of UK. It showed the world the artistic and creative side of Pakistan. The softer image that our politicians only talk about, was the one Saeeda very effectively showed to the world through her work. The outlet in Karachi is the single biggest one under the brand’s roof. and it was no coincidence that the lady was chosen for the profile. ”Our media office in London, UK, rang me up and said the magazine wanted to do a profile on the international franchises of the brand. When I sent our information forward I did so without knowing whether we would get selected or not. I am so glad that we were chosen and it gave us a chance to show to the world that Pakistan is not all about fanatic terrorists and there is a whole lot more to us as a nation, TONI and GUY, Karachi is just an example of that,” she says.

At the moment Karachi is going to be the only city that can savour the TONI and GUY flavour. Presently, Saeeda wants to give the place her undivided attention. ”You see when you start a business or a salon you need to nurture it. The staff has to be trained and retrained. What I really want is to start some kind of educational training for the whole industry and that is something that is in the pipelines right now. The products are available in all major cities of Pakistan, however, the salon needs meticulous care and we aren’t ready to branch out to other cities yet,” asserts Saeeda.

If you are looking for a new cut then you can stop by and ask for something from the new ‘Flux’ collection at TONI and GUY which consists of up-to-date styles. The inspiration for the line has been drawn from the bee-hived backcombed look. ”Since we are moving into spring, people want lighter, softer tones. Winter is not quite over yet and summer hasn’t exactly hit with full force so bright isn’t really in at the moment, people are just moving away from dark shades towards something softer. Bobs are very in and of course cuts that accentuate the texture of one’s hair,” informs Saeeda while talking of the latest trends.

The latest additions to the salon’s style arsenal are hair extensions and clip-on extensions. Saeeda is a great advocate of clip-ons and says, ”It gives the client flexibility when they’re styling their hair. You can get length volume and colour all in one go. We at times give a cut with the extensions so it looks more natural. It takes just ten minutes to do, it’s cost effective and fun too.” When it comes to her hot favourite, it would be a short cut which is incorporated into a longer cut. ”I like a style where you maintain the long length and add definition and texture to the bottom layers,” says Saeeda.

Saeeda’s work has made us all proud. We wish her all the best in her future efforts.

The new Flux collection at TONI and GUY

Saeeda’s interview with the Hairdressers Journal, International, one of the best UK hairdresser magazines, was a milestone not just for her and her salon but for the nation as a whole. Following is an excerpt of her interview with HJ

HJ: Tell us about the history behind your salon?

SM: In 2005 building work began on the Toni and Guy flagship salon in Karachi, Pakistan. It has taken three years to complete the project and the salon finally opened in August, 2008. It is the largest Toni and Guy purpose-built salon in the world measuring 6135 sq ft. I believe the hairdressing industry in Pakistan needed a different image. Our country is about so much more than what is shown in the media. We have a vision, we are spirited people and, of course, in hairdressing we have the cutting edge.

HJ: What is the Toni and Guy Karachi experience all about?

SM: It’s about creating a complete lifestyle and offering every aspect of grooming under one roof. We also offer a nail bar a cafe, an art corner and a one-stop retail area. Clients walk out looking and feeling like a million dollars.

HJ: What are the most popular services?

SM: Cutting, colouring and styling.

HJ: Who are your typical clients?

SM: They range from young, trendy teenagers to clients in their 50s.

HJ: What are the big trends in Karachi right now?

SM: Everyone is aware of what’s going on in the UK and bobs are hot. We’re also doing a lot of styles based on the latest Toni and Guy Flux collection. Clients are asking for height at the crown to create a backcombed effect, and strong, bold colour is also popular.

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