Top 10 Ways To Handle Problem Co-workers

1. Review your company policy, if any exists, to see the guidelines on ethics-related matters.

2. Observe. Before launching yourself into office politics, observe. See how the people relate and see what unofficial roles the various people in your workplace have taken on for themselves. If you notice one person who consistently makes trouble, take the necessary actions to have as little interaction with that person as possible.

3. Be busy. Gossipmongers want attention. If you’re delving into your work, you can’t be available to appreciate their latest tales.

4. Don’t participate. If there is gossip at your place of work, let it stop with you. If someone passes a “juicy story” on to you, don’t pass it any further. Take personal responsibility to act with integrity.

5. Turn it around by saying something positive. It isn’t nearly as much fun to spread negative news if it’s spoiled by a complimentary phrase about the person being attacked.

6. Keep your private life private. Don’t trust personal information with coworkers. Remember, if they are gossiping about others, they will gossip about you too. Don’t give them ammunition.

7. Choose your friends wisely at work. You spend a good deal of time at work so it’s natural for friendships to develop. Share information sparingly until you are sure that you have built up a level of trust.

8. Behave appropriately at work. Remember that work is not an appropriate place to share all types of information.

9. Be direct. You know you are morally correct by not gossiping. So does the one spreading the gossip. If you confront that person and confidently tell him or her that such behavior is making it uncomfortable for you and other coworkers, it’s likely to stop.

10. Don’t be afraid to go to a superior.

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