How To Apply Make-Up For An Interview?

How To Apply Make-Up For An Interview

How To Apply Make-Up For An Interview? Don’t apply your makeup in a hurry. Give yourself an extra few minutes to blend, especially foundation and blush.

Use tweezers; take a glance at a magnifying mirror for errant eyebrow hair, or the ever-pesky chin hair.

It is to be borne in mind that you have to always maintain good eye contact during an interview. So don’t go overboard with eye makeup.

The goal here is to translate a serious sense of capability and competency. Stick with muted tones of brown, taupe or gray.

Comb through those lashes after you’ve applied mascara. Clumping of eyelashes is ugly and especially during an interview you have to be extremely careful.

Don’t wear lip-gloss to an interview. Keep the lips semi-matte and muted; a neutral pink or berry tone is pretty and appropriate.

Don’t use makeup that contains shimmer, sparkle or glitter, as you should always remember that you are going for an interview and not with your boyfriend.

Keep blush natural looking; a soft pink hue will work well. But personally
I feel blush is too much of a make up for an interview.

Because of the stressful nature of an interview, you might perspire a bit more than usual. It’s a perfectly natural response. So be prepared with blotting tissues to use before the interview that might help you to clean off your face by not removing your make up.

Reach for interview a few minutes early to touch up in the restroom or a nearby cafe, to check for perspiration, lipstick on the teeth, crumbs around the mouth, and anything around your nose.

Lastly, fluorescent lighting can wreak havoc with makeup, especially so with green and orange tones.

Make-up for an interview must be simple yet sophisticated, smart yet natural. Stick to soft, muted colors and don’t overdo it. An eyebrow pencil will help to define your look, two layers of mascara to really open your eyes and a natural lip color to make you attractive. Remember to hold your shoulders back and walk tall. Be confident and enjoy the experience.


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