Use Cloth Napkins for Beautiful Napkin Folding and Table Settings

Delight your guests with a special folded cloth napkin at their table place setting. See our easy napkin folding tutorials on how to create lots of different napkin folds.

A special table setting shows your guests how much you value them, since you take the extra effort to set the table beautifully. Show your family and friends what they mean to you by creating a special arrangement.

Even if you have never folded a napkin in your life, the photo tutorials show you the simple processes to take. These are not complicated or difficult. Each one will take only a few minutes, and you, and your guests will be pleased with the results.

Start out with the easiest napkin folds to create the special look you want to achieve. Additionally, the use of napkin rings or ties will enhance the look, from silver or brass napkin ring, to ribbons or herb or flower sprigs.

Why Use Cloth Napkins?

* Cloth napkins are available in an almost infinite number of patterns and prints and sizes.

* Cloth napkins can be better for the environment and greener than paper napkins.

* There is a simple pleasure in a drawer or shelf filled with cloth napkins with the variety of colors, patterns and shapes.

* If you use cloth napkins you’ll help to save trees.

Contribute to Saving the Earth with Cloth Napkins

* Wash your cloth napkins in a full load of clothes.

* Hang your napkins to dry or use an energy-efficient electric dryer.

* Because you’ll reuse your cloth napkin time after time, it will not go into the landfill.

* Use napkins that are made from recycled hemp, linen, or organic cotton.

* Buy previously-used cloth napkins at flea markets, antique stores, and second hand stores.

Choose cloth napkins that have no added pigments, inks or dyes, or toxic metals.

More Tips for Using Cloth Napkins

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