4 Summer Looks – From the pages of Vogue

Dewy Skin – There is nothing more ungainly on women than a face with make-up streaking from the heat. Let’s not fight the sun. In the summer, forget the foundation, let your skin breathe. Nowadays tinted moisturizers are all the rage, invest in one for the classic fresh dewy summery look.

Bronze Glow – Leave the porcelain perfectness of pale skin to the winter. Bronze is in, you do not have to bake in the sun to achieve the perfect tan. Nowadays tan comes from a bottle. Mac, Arden, Lauder, all major cosmetic giants have come up with self tanners. Achieve a perfect bronze look, a la Jennifer Aniston. And the good news for us Indians is, we are born with it. Hallelujah!

Eyes – Heavy liners are out…nobody looks more ridiculous than women with a kilo of liner on the both the lids. Flatter your eyes with Mascara instead. They open up your eyes and are perfect for your summer, no make-up look. And if you are one of those with scanty lashes, buy one of the eyelash curlers. We swear on all that is holy..it works!!

Dark Lips

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