Summer Skin Care

Some super cool vitamin masks, detoxifying massages ,how you can keep your skin glowing and fresh this summer

Summer’s here again, and thanks to the unrelenting harsh rays of the sun and humidity teamed with the ever-increasing pollution, our skins seem to be screaming for some respite. If you are wondering why? It’s because the heat keeps the skin’s pores more open in summer than in cooler months. With high humidity levels, this condition allows microorganisms easy entry into our skin, causing various problems like pigmentation, blemishes, rashes, etc.

On a cosmetic level, you should rinse the skin with cold water regularly as sweat comprises toxins that remain on the surface. Soap should be used sparingly. Some of its chemicals stay unwashed on the skin and can irritate the skin when exposed to the sun. Attention should be paid to the usage of scrubs. The wrong grains within scrubs could prove harmful. Grains create microscopic lacerations that speed up the aging process by cutting into the natural collagen and elastin tissues of the skin and forming facial lines.

A natural body cleanser and revitaliser

for bathing. Blend together three tablespoons of mint leaves, two tablespoons of rose water, two tablespoons of honey and half tablespoon of orange-peel powder or one tablespoon of fresh orange pulp. Gently rub this all over your skin and rinse with cold water, preferably a spray. This is a fabulous Ph balancer as well as a natural enzymatic scrub with vitamin C and E. It exfoliates dead cells as well as refreshes and replenishes the skin.
A great routine for the face would include applying a pack comprising a blend of two tablespoons of papaya-pulp and half a teaspoon of powdered oatmeal every night for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water and apply a professionally recommended light AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) lotion before going to bed. Do this one-week-a-month for three to four months.

Recommended masks:

Concentrate on masks with high doses of vitamin C and enzyme value. These accelerate the skin’s breathing capacity. Detoxify the skin with the usage of natural ingredients like volcanic mud, hot clay mud packs followed with cold fruit packs.

Recommended massages:

Go in for deep tissue massages and not moisturising treatments, as toxins are released in the summer at the deep tissue level. Use natural fruit scrubs also.

Recommended facials:

Opt for a Swedish massage (long, effleurage movements), which targets the deep tissue layer to remove excess toxins. Follow this with the Petrisage – a massaging technique that uses ‘drumming’. This stimulates the skin and further detoxifies the skin.

Make up for summer

Keep it natural “A healthy glow to your face as opposed to the artificial, made-up look. Avoid using shades like blue and green and concentrate on soil colours to provide a sheer appeal. Natural make up emits an aura whereas typical make up creates a distinct visual statement.”

One of the advantages of going in for a natural look is that it never goes out of vogue. It’s always in sync with your basic personality. In addition, the natural look greatly justifies the main principle of make up: Less is always more! It’s uncomplicated and not as time consuming also.

So how can you sport the natural look?

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