Hair Takes The Heat

Styling appliances can dry, tease, straighten, crimp, curl and even toast your hair. If you groan every time you see perfectly styled hair or secretly wish you had hair that looked like Jennifer Aniston’s, you are ready to be introduced to the tools that can make your secret hair fantasies … Read more

Tera Jadoo Chal Gaya

Does Bollywood’s version of Picture Perfect work with the combination of Abhishek Bachchan in his second film and Keerti Reddy’s debut in Hindi? A major hit worldwide, the songs Tera Jadoo (by Sonu Nigam and Chitra) and Qayamat Ho showcase entertaining visuals and exciting vocals. Having all the mannerisms of … Read more

4 Summer Looks – From the pages of Vogue

Dewy Skin – There is nothing more ungainly on women than a face with make-up streaking from the heat. Let’s not fight the sun. In the summer, forget the foundation, let your skin breathe. Nowadays tinted moisturizers are all the rage, invest in one for the classic fresh dewy summery … Read more