Aaroh’s first Album ‘Sawal’

A year ago, it was a glamorous evening with rush of dashing crowd in a gloomy arena waiting for results from a panel of judges, yes that was the “Battle of Bands” final contest between EntityParadigm and Aaroh. As the results were announced, the crowd started cheering for the winner of competition between 20 bands, Aaroh won. Yes! ! !

Aaroh means ‘Ascending Notes of Music’. Yes! They came, they saw and they conquered. Aaroh have been recognized as an ‘Eastern-Music Genres’ because they have grabbed the audience who wanted to listen to the eastern-classical mix. Aaroh’s recently released maiden album ‘Sawal’ took them to the top of the pop. ‘Sawal’ is rated as one of the few perfect maiden albums because of the presence of all genres of music from hard rock to eastern classical.

Aaroh-The Band basically comprises of four members:

Farooq Ahmed: The Lead vocalist, he has got advance training in classical rag pats.

Nabeel Nihal: Lead Guitarist, playing guitar for last 10 years.

Khalid Khan: Bass Guitarist, also working in similar position for another band called Mizrab (Faraz Anwar’s band-old member of 90’s band Collage)

Kamran Khan: Keyboardist

Jason: While performing live concerts, the band inducts him; he is very talented drummer sets drum on fire.

Aaroh has all the potential to become a top of the pop band . It just needs proper projection and appreciation from the listeners.

‘Sawal’ – Kicks off with the title track which features Nabeel and Khalid’s skills with the guitar, Farooq’s industrious vocal and Kamran’s brilliant work with the keyboard.

‘Aik Din’ – Farooq’s diligent vocals return in this song only to remind one of the Music-Channel-Chart days when every Tom, Dick and Harry was coming up with a music video.

‘Duniya’ and ‘Aankhen’ are average songs with ordinary tunes

‘Jalan’ – This song will surely changes the mind of listener for good. The number has brilliant guitar-work, catchy but childish lyrics and professional vocals amalgamated into one to give a fast-paced song destined to allure the listener for sometime. Nabeel’s brilliance with guitar combines with the rest of Aaroh’s good work. Jalan’s video is also on-air from different channels.

‘Dil Ki Batoon’ – Good works of Nabeel for Aaroh seem continues in this song.

‘Aag’ – Aaroh’s all time-hit makes its presence felt with dusky composition and imaginative lyrics.

“Jeyaay” – Aaroh’s own national song is extremely catchy due to its tune and energized vocals of Farooq who has sung in his highest pitch. Farooq brings all his classical training into play in Jeyaay and impresses a lot along with his fellow members Kamran, Nabeel and Khalid. The flute here leaves a lasting impression while the guitars take you along well throughout the song. Patriotic video of this song is on-air these days from different channels.

‘Ajnabee’ – Aaroh’s lead single.

‘Na Kaho’ – Melodious and rhythmic song that will touch the heart beat of its listener.

Sawal is more of a crowd-puller and shows the intensity with which Aaroh can perform. It is, by far, a must buy.


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