Beauty Uses of Carrot

Beauty Uses of Carrot

Beauty Uses of CarrotDo you know that carrot is a wonderful natural beauty product___ a natural beauty blessing for females? It is an important natural product which helps exfoliating your skin and offers natural glow to your skin. Now-a-days, carrot is used in a lot of commercially prepared cosmetics or beauty products. I would like to mention some amazing beauty tips owed to this wonderful vegetable, the CARROT.

Face Mask

You can use carrot as a face mask. Take two carrots and boil them. Make a paste by mixing honey in it and then apply this paste to your face. Wait for ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse your face with luke-warm water. I bet you will enjoy natural beauty of the face. It’s benefits are not less than any beauty product.

Exfoliation of skin

Take a carrot, grate it, mix it with sugar granules and apply it to you face and neck (massage it). It is an effective, simple and cheap way to remove dirt and dead cells from the skin.

Benefits of carrot juice

Carrot contains antioxidants which enhances the immunity of the skin. Drink carrot juices in summer and enjoy natural sun-block. Carrot also keeps your skin away from wrinkles. It makes your skin soft, smooth and glowing. It abolishes the need of expensive beauty products or cosmetics.


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