Big and juicy Fatburger comes to town

FatBurger Coming to Dolmen Mall Karachi

In 1952, an American woman Lovie Yancey, had a dream to make the world’s greatest burgers. Today, after 60 years, her dream has carved its way from Los Angeles to Karachi — Fatburger has now made a home for itself at Dolmen City Mall.

This is the first time the concept of lean beef is being introduced in the market and will only be provided to customers on a “freshly ground and cook-to-order” format.

“The beef comes all the way from the US and is halal — a Muslim slaughter house called Midamar is our supplier,” he asserted, in order to clarify any misconceptions people might have. He also admitted that the franchise’s first outlet was meant to open in Lahore at MM Alam Road but as fate had it, Karachi became the first destination.

Although the chain’s menu includes four different sizes of burgers internationally, in Pakistan they will only stick to three — single, double and triple.  On the side, home-made onion rings imported from Spain will be served along with a choice of lemonade, soda or chocolate and strawberry milkshakes.


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