What to Look For in a Good Face Cleanser

Use Milk or Yogurt as a Cleanser

If you really want to go back to basics, or if you ever find yourself on one of those Pioneer Family reality TV shows, What to Look For in a Good Face Cleanseryou can use milk or yogurt as a facial cleanser.

I tried this beauty trick once when I was at my parents’ house and the only cleanser in the house was bar soap. It worked well and left my skin feeling soft.

Milk Cleanser:

Milk is great natural exfoliant for the skin. Organic milk (full fat, please), half and half or Greek yogurt all work as wonderful cleansers. You can also remove eye makeup with milk or half and half soaked into a cotton ball.

Leave the milk on the skin or wash it off after leaving it on for a few minutes. In my research I’ve learned you can leave the milk on your skin without washing it off, but the idea of that grosses me out.

You can also mix honey with milk if you have dry skin and salt with warmed milk if you have oily skin.


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