Bridal Makeup Looks

Bridal Makeup Looks

Bridal Makeup LooksNatural Wedding Makeup

If darker shadows, smokey eyes and red lips aren’t your thing, then you can make a swanky style statement with an au-natural makeup on your D-day and completely dazzle your celebrations! If you are a sucker for dewy, fresh skin, very minimalistic colors and nude pout and believe that less is more when it comes to decking up, then natural makeup is indeed the way to go. Natural makeup is all about flattering neutrals, light bronzes, honey-toned powders, natural blushes and complementary lip colors. However, stay away from going absolutely nude with your blush, lips and eyes as this might leave you looking pale and totally washed out.

Classy Wedding Makeup

If elegance and sophistication is what you dig for, then a classy wedding makeup is indeed your style! To pull off this dainty makeup, you will need to faux a sun-kissed golden complexion, nice brown smokey eyes, plump eyelashes, “blushing bride” cheeks and pastel lips. Try this perfect combo of classic and chic style and be the showstopper on your D-day!

Dramatic Wedding Makeup

If you are someone, who swears by pretty pinks and plum shadows, glossy lips and lacquers, lush lashes and high intensity makeup, then dramatic wedding makeup will ensure that you stand out in the wedding crowd. Dramatic makeup is all about bold defining lines, sharp contrasting colors, contoured cheeks, solid highlights, dark liners, sweepy lashes, and sultry lips. To set this look perfect, just grab the berry blush, black liners, voluminous mascara and frosty lip colors and you are ready to rock.

Romantic Wedding Makeup

If you are contemplating a romantic wedding, then think romantic makeup! If you plan to make his heart flutter for you all over again and wish him to go weak in his knees wooing you again, then a romantic wedding makeup is indeed your ally! Forget the bronze and the gold this wedding day and go ivory, brown and beige. Shimmering pastels on the lids, silky nude blushes on the cheeks, smudged lines, sweepy lashes and glossed lips are sure to make you look totally irresistible.

Retro Wedding Makeup

If side sweep curls, white lacy dresses, bold red lips and dramatically lined eyes are what defines your wedding style, then a retro wedding makeup can help you achieve the ‘Monroe’ panache on your D-day. This makeup is perfect for anyone who can do well with a bit of drama on their wedding day. Very rich and somewhat gaudy, retro makeup insists on including in a touch of purple, bright blue and bright orange hues for a stunning visual treat. Arched eyebrows, false lashes, classic red hues and jet black eyes are all it takes to pull off a gorgeous retro-Monroe look.


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