Go Gorgeous with long hair

Go Gorgeous with long hair

Go Gorgeous with long hairOne of the most important way of presenting yourself and judging others socially is: Hair. Hairs symbolizes sexual control over oneself, in many cultures. Women often have a stronger inclination towards long hair than men do. Some feminists have declared long hair as irrefutably feminine. Long hairs are the strongest aspect of a women beauty, and they are simply irresistible for men i.e Men are usually attracted very fast towards long hair. Do you envy someone with beautiful long hair? Well, it will be not be the same anymore. Know the secrets of how to grow hair long and beautiful.

– Oil your hair
Remember, if you want long and healthy hair, you have to apply oil. Massage your scalp with warm oil once or twice a week. For best results apply oil in night. It is advisable to leave your hair after oiling at least for 8 hours. Coconut hair oil helps hair grow faster. Almond hair oil is a great source of vitamin E, which is beneficial for hair growth.

– Use a Mild Shampoo
Before washing just comb your hairs to remove the tangles. Wash your hair with mild herbal shampoo. Strong and harsh shampoo can ruin shine and texture of your hair by making the roots weak.

– Conditioning is important
After shampooing make a routine of using a good quality conditioner on your hair. Deep conditioning is the secret to get healthy looking hair. For natural conditioning you can mix curd with egg, apply it evenly on your hair and scalp leave it for 15-20 minutes. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Well maintained hair grows fast. Keep your hair clean and see them growing day by day.

– Chemical treatments to be avoided
Hair coloring nowadays is a latest trend, and is very popular among teens. Hair coloring products contain chemicals such as peroxide, so try avoiding harsh hair treatments. Instead make use of natural hair coloring products like-henna and get instant shine. Chemicals hinder the growth of the hair. Frequent use of the chemicals will ruin your hair.

– Stop using Blow dryers etc
Let your hair dry naturally. Do not use a blow dryer after each and every wash. Heat appliances are responsible for most of the hair damage. Curling irons, straightening irons, and blow dryers slow down your hair growth. All thes appliances is responsible for weaken the hair roots and hence causing hair fall. Just avoid the appliances and you will never face the problem.

– Trim hair at regular intervals
Hair grows by about 12 cm a year, thus it is recommended to trim your hair once in a three monhts. Male hair grows more quickly than female hair. Avoiding trimming for long time will result in split ends, which will reduce the growth thus leading to hair damage. A pair of scissors once in a while will save you a fortune.

– Balanced Diet -Utmost Important
Take three to four small meals a day . Avoid fasting and crash diets. For good hair try whole meal products, eggs, liver, kidneys, vitamin D, herrings, salmon, carrots, green vegetables, and vitamin C. Eat right and get long healthy tresses. Soya products contain phytoestrogens — estrogen from plants — that may boost your hair health.


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