Brighten Up your World with Neon Nail Polish

I remember how popular neon nails were in the ‘80s and now, like so many fashion and beauty trends, they’ve come back for an encore presentation! Edgy, funky celebs like Rihanna aren’t afraid to show off this bold summer nail polish trend – and you shouldn’t be, either! With dark polish colors having taken hold for the past few months, it’s great to have shiny, happy, bright nail lacquers to pair with our warm weather fashions. Here are a few nail polish tips to get you started on wearing this latest nail polish trend:

How to wear neon nail colors:

Personally, I like shorter nails when wearing color on my nails. Here are some tips on how to prep your nails, apply nail polish, and really make them shine:

  1. Shape your nails with a glass nail file, then use a buffing block along the tip of the nail to make sure you don’t have any loose nail pieces left behind.
  2. Use a nail prep product such as OPI Bond Aid, which will ensure your nail bed is free of oils, nail polish remover, etc., and that your base coat and subsequent coats of polish will adhere well.
  3. Next, apply a base or treatment coat over the Bond Aid. You might want to use a milky or beige toned ridge-filling type basecoat product, as it will really show off the brightness of neon polish.
  4. Apply two coats of neon polish followed by a topcoat.

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