How to Paint Your Nails

How to Paint Your Nails

How to Paint Your Nails If polishing your nails seems like a mundane task, you’re right; it can be. And yet many women feel it is an indispensable part of your overall image, whether for professional or casual dress. Here are some tips that can help you do a better job in accenting those lovely tips of your hands and feet. Your friends may beg for the name of your new nail salon!

1. Prepare your nails first. Trim, file, and remove the cuticles of both fingernails and toenails that will be polished. Wash with soap and water, then allow to air dry for a few minutes. Buff your feet with a coarse towel to remove dead skin and restore circulation. Rub lotion on your hands, avoiding the nail areas. Your appendages will look and feel better. Now you’re ready to begin.

2. Set out your supplies in a protected area. Avoid a high-traffic room where conversation, bumps, and noises might distract from this cosmetic chore. Get everything you need in advance so you don’t need to jump up and look for cotton balls or polish remover in case of a spill. You’ll probably need manicure tools, polish and remover, cotton swabs or tissue paper, and any nail decorations like tattoos or applique that will go on over the polish. Work in a well-lighted, well-ventilated area where odors won’t bother you or others.

3. Take the lids of the polish and the polish remover in case you need the latter quickly. Dipping the brush into your selected polish, wipe excess on the inside lip of the bottle and then brush each fingernail tip on both sides to strengthen these areas first. Next, re-dip the brush for more polish, again removing excess before painting. Then polish the entire nail of each finger on both hands. Wait a few minutes for these to air dry.

4. Next, do your toenails. You need not apply a double coat to the tips as you did for fingernails. Instead, polish the entire nail of each toe right away. Let these also air dry for a minute or so. Turn your feet slightly to different angles to find any uneven or missed spots, and polish these as needed.

5. Now give your fingernails another coat of polish. Make sure the first coat has dried completely first. Apply the second coat smoothly over the first, taking care not to smudge the sides or tip of your finger. If you do spill a drop or leave a slight smudge, remove it gently with a bit of polish remover on some tissue paper or a cotton swab. Check to be sure each fingernail boasts an even coat of color.

6. Now give your toes a second coat. Brush each one thoroughly, taking time to avoid smearing the polish and to extend the color to the entire nail. Allow a few more minutes for the second coat to air dry.

Put away your supplies, throw away the paper towel or napkin, along with cotton swabs, that were used, and enjoy your coordinated fresh color!


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