Calamansi – A kitchen scientist

Calamansi (Citrofortunella microcarpa) is a type of citrus that is native to the Philippines. It is also known as calamondin, Panama orange or acid orange. It is very sour hence its popularity as souring agent for sinigang and sawsawan (dipping sauces). It is also one of the more common backyard trees in Philippine homes (along with papaya and guava).

Here are few of the uses of Calamansi.
1-Juice. Squeeze halved calamansi (4 to 5 pieces, but it depends on the user) to a cup. Strain it. Add honey or sugar. It’s a good source of vitamin C.

2-Zinger for ginger tea. Ginger tea + 1 tbsp calamansi juice + honey/sugar.

3- Tequila shots. Others use lemon, but mostly we use calamansi here.

4-Natural Air Freshener. Halved calamansi and put them in a bowl. Their peelings could do the trick, too.

5-Deodorizer. Can be placed in the fridge to eliminate odor. Or say you’ve just finished cleaning some fish (or handling something unpleasant in smell), you may rub some to eliminate the icky odor.

6-Skin whitening Agent. Definitely good for the dark knees and elbows and armpits…

7- Dip. Basic Filipino Dip = soysauce, calamansi (optional vinegar).

8- Marinade. Soysauce. Calamansi. Vinegar. Pepper. Garlic.

9-Dandruff Treatment. Cover halved calamansi with a cloth (prevents the pulp from getting stuck in your hair). Rub gently to the scalp.

10- Bleach. Its juice is proven to remove minor stains on clothes.

11- Hair highlights. In a punk, funky

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