Can playing sexy save Mallika’s career?

Love her or hate her but you can’t ignore her. That’s Mallika Sherawat for you. Recently, we heard (one more) interesting bit of hush-hush news about one of Mallika’s films. After doing bold roles in Khwaish and Murder, the actress was all set to play a seductress in Forbidden.

According to sources, Mallika was quite excited about her role in the erotic thriller (which doesn’t surprise us). Unfortunately for Mallika, the film was shelved.

The film was to be produced by Ratan Jain and directed by debutant Manish Gupta. The entire film was to be shot in a palatial villa in England. Interestingly, the script required Mallika to seduce her 20-something step son.

“Mallika had some qualms when it came to who would play her step son. She did not want any well-known face for the role. At one time, Tusshar Kapoor was considered and the producers had a meeting with him. But, Mallika refused to work with Tusshar. Left with no choice, Ratan Jain and Manish Gupta finally signed Aditya Seal who had made his debut as Manisha Koirala’s juvenile admirer in Ek Chhoti Si Love Story,” said our source.

All was going well and Manish Gupta was scheduled to go to UK to finalise the location when he suddenly learnt the film had been shelved. “Later, Manish learnt that Ratan Jain did not want him to direct Bobby Bedi’s film Stoneman Murders, which he was also supposed to make. Manish was told that he solely concentrate on Forbidden or opt out. Manish chose to direct Bedi’s film instead of Jain’s.” said our source.

Manish Gupta confirmed that he was to direct Forbidden with Mallika Sherawat in the lead. When asked if Ratan Jain had given him an ultimatum, a tactful Manish said, “I was unable to direct Forbidden because I started work on Stoneman Murders at the same time.”

When asked why Forbidden was shelved, Ratan Jain said, “Is it necessary for me to tell all this? I don’t want to talk about it.” While Ratan Jain and Manish Gupta continue their fight, Mallika we suppose is desperately looking for another sizzling role to put her flagging career back on track.

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