Chalte Chalte

Starring: Shahrukh Khan, Rani Mukherjee
Music: Jatin-Lalit, Aadesh Shrivasatava
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Producer: Dreamz Unlimited
Director: Aziz Mirza

Shahrukh Khan is back and this time in a BIG way, starring in ‘Chalte Chalte’. The movie ‘Chalte Chalte’ is like a breeze of fresh air in the almost scorched Bollywood industry. It has weak story but with strong technicalities, direction and superb performances it turns out to be a big not-to-be-missed movie. It has all the qualities to stand at a big place among the major flicks of the year.

Now what is the story all about? Actually there is no such story. It is about how two different people met each other, got married and survive with the ups and downs of their relationship, remembering something from last year’s best flick ‘Saathiya’? But don’t worry this movie is totally different from the ‘Saathiya’. It has everything in it like the proper twists which will make you to think about it again and again.

Chalte Chalte Raj (Shahrukh Khan) is a hardworking, spontaneous, middle-class guy. On the contrary, Priya (Rani Mukerjee) is a practical, matured and sophisticated lady. The story is about “Opposites attract!”. Both of them know that they are totally ‘Opposites’. Their attitudes, lifestyles and thinking are totally different. But who cares, love is all that matters, therefore, Raj and Priya got tied in wedding lock ignoring the facts.

Reality bites! But in this movie it bit very late. Still the love exists between them but at the bottom surface since meeting the lover is no more thrilling for both of them. They don’t even find the need to express the love anymore. Now this reminds of another Hollywood flick “Just Married” based on the same story line. But the way ‘Chalte Chalte’ is directed and treated is totally different for all the other same story flicks and that’s where it becomes a must-see movie.

The first half of the movie is pretty fast pace but enjoy every minute of it, whereas the second half though a bit slow picks up momentum in the climax.

The movie definitely has some memorable scenes, which are much worthwhile to see than to read. Locations of the movie are excellent along with the sweet romantic expressions of Sharukh Khan. The music is very soft and melodious; some of the tunes are impressive including ‘Chalte Chalte’, ‘Gumshuda’, ‘Tauba’ and ‘Suno na’.

The flick is technically excellent including the brilliant choreography. The Show-Stealer was definitely Shahrukh Khan who bragged the honor by giving the best performance once more! Though he is looking pretty weak since after his Back operation Khan has lost his weight but the change is not looking bad on him.

Rani is not also behind; she has also given the brilliant performance besides looking her best. For a change, Johnny Lever has done a sober role once and performed very well. Rest of the cast has also done justice to their roles.

Overall a must watch and total paisa wasool. A big treat for Shahrukh and Rani fans!

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