Chemical Free Make up

Chemical Free Make up

Organic make upOrganic or natural make-up products differ from the more common chemical cosmetics in that they are prepared from natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and cause no harm to the consumers.
The production of these organic make-up products adheres to strict quality standards and the final natural product needs to pass a certification test. These unrefined make-up products are devoid of harmful preservatives and the manufacturing process is such that the cosmetics can retain their quality and attributes without the use of injurious chemicals. This requires cold processing, which is an environment-friendly method of keeping the final cosmetic product fresh and ensuring an adequately long shelf life for organic make-up.

Many make-up users prefer these natural cosmetics even though they are a little steeply priced as they are of a higher quality standard and are safer for the skin. This kind of chemical-free make-up causes fewer instances of allergic reactions, skin inflammation and rashes. It is also believed that use of organic make-up instead of chemical ones delays signs of ageing and keeps the skin younger and healthier for long.

Organic make-up does not contain preservatives that can directly react with or enter the skin. This means that synthetic ingredients that react to produce formaldehyde, urea derivatives and parabens are not used. Petroleum products like petroleum jelly, mineral oils, parabens, propylene glycol, acetones and benzene-like products are other offensive components that are avoided in organic cosmetics.

In case of chemical cosmetics, many undesirable components are used that can have adverse effects on the human body. Many a times, a chemical solvent is used for extraction. Some of these solvents are toxic to the body and can lead to harmful side-effects. A lot of mainstream make-up items like deodorants, nail polishes, hair sprays and perfumes, contain phthalates, a chemical which resembles estrogen, a female hormone, and can cause disorders in females and can even lead to abnormalities in infants.

Organic make-up products use natural alternatives instead of the synthetic detergents, like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which irritate the skin. All the ingredients used in natural skin-care or organic make-up products and even their packaging need to be certified as organic or pesticide-free. Only then can the product get the tag of being an “organic make-up.”

Being environment-friendly also requires the manufacturers to ensure that no animal testing is done for their products. All ingredients and essential oils used in organic make-up come from natural sources and even the fragrances used are natural and usually plant based. Essential oils are those oils that are required in small quantities by the human body for its proper functioning. While most of these essential oils are produced in the body itself, a few are derived from outside sources. Essential oils that are to be added to organic cosmetics are extracted from plant sources like bark, flowers and even roots of plants. They act as preservatives and fragrances in organic make-up products and add a certain texture to these cosmetics. In some cases, essential oils are also added to protect and heal sensitive skin and rashes.

It is of prime importance that the organic cosmetics should be free from pesticides or residues of foreign chemicals which can harm humans and their environment. However, not all the components of organic make-up

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