Makeup Expiration Dates

Makeup Expiration

Makeup Expiration DatesHarmful Effects of Using Out-of-date Beauty Products

Acne patches
Blemishes on the skin
Discoloration of the skin
Eye infections manifesting as watery eyes, dryness of eyes or redness
Rashes and other allergic reactions

Makeup Shelf life

labeling regulations do not make it mandatory to display makeup expiration dates on most beauty products. For this reason, a lot of women believe that they probably can be used forever. Nothing could be further from the truth! So, go grab your vanity kit and you’ll surely find several things in there that you may want to toss out immediately. Do not feel guilty if you haven’t used it since buying it months ago. Don’t let the cost of the product determine its mileage. You could spend more in treating the side-effects of using an old, “expired” product than chucking it out and buying a new one. The table below lists down some common beauty products and their respective shelf life for your ready reference.


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