How to Apply Foundation Primer

How to Apply Foundation Primer

How to Apply Foundation PrimerMinimize facial imperfections by applying primer under, or instead of, your foundation. Primers are gels or serums that go on clear or with a small amount of shimmer. They minimize the appearance of blemishes and lines by filling them. Primer also evens skin tones and may add a hint of color or glow. Apply foundation primer as the first step in full makeup application, or wear it on its own for a natural, but polished look.

Cleanse your skin thoroughly with a gentle facial cleanser, then pat dry with a clean towel.

Apply facial moisturizer, and allow your face to dry.

Squeeze a pea-sized amount of primer onto your finger tip.

Dab small dots of primer onto your nose, cheeks, chin and forehead using another finger. Continue dabbing until all the dispensed primer is on your face.

Blend the primer evenly over your entire face with your finger tips until your skin feels even and dry to the touch.

Wait 1 minute before applying foundation over your primer. The primer should be completely dry before you blend any makeup over it.

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Although primer is typically used as a base on which to apply foundation, you may wear primer on its own when you don’t want a fully made-up look. Primer smooths your pores and minimizes the appearance of fine lines.

Always use primer before spraying on airbrush makeup, to ensure an even application and smooth look.

Try different types of primers before purchasing one. They are sold in a wide variety of textures, and some are colored. Ask for samples at beauty counters and boutiques to help determine which options are more attractive for your skin.


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