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There are so many different beauty and makeup tools on the market and it can become confusing what brush, sponge or stick to use for what. This article will look at just a handful of tools. Over time you will find out the ones that work for you. You can get some good brushes starting at around $10 from your beauty section in a department store or chemist.

Angled Eye shadow Brush

As its name implies this brush has an angled cut off tip, it has the most control over placement of eye shadow on the lids and the socket area of the eye. You can use this brush to apply eye shadow in place of eyeliner. You will get a darker line if you moisten the tip of the brush a little before dabbing in the eye shadow.

Blusher Brush

The blusher brush is smaller in size to the powder brush this gives you control for the placement of the blusher on your checks. You use the blusher brush to apply blusher as well as for blending and contouring. This brush can replace the contour brush.

Contour Brush

The contour brush is a lot like a blusher brush but with a shorter and thicker head, the hairs on this brush are straight. You can use the contour brush for shaping of the face with shaders and highlighters, as well as blending.

Cosmetic Sponges

Cosmetics sponges are another multipurpose tool; they can be used for applying or blending foundation. Alternatively they can be used for removing skincare products. The sponges can be used wet or dry.

Eyebrow Brush

The eyebrow brush is very similar to a soft bristled toothbrush – in fact you can use a child’s soft bristled toothbrush for your eyebrows. This brush is an essential for maintain any woman’s eyebrows. The eyebrow brush is used for removing product from the brows as well as shaping them before filling them in with pencil or plucking.

Eyeliner Brush

The purpose of this brush is to apply eyeliner around the eye using a powdered or cream eyeliner. They eyeliner brush has a fine tapered end and is made from natural hair which holds its shape longer.

Eye shadow Brush

Most eye shadow brushes look like a small blusher brush, it is used for applying and blending eye shadow, it gives a light covering of color. They can be used wet or dry to apply the eye shadow to the lid of the eye.

Eye shadow Sponge

The eye shadow sponge applicator has a sponge tip, which gives better coverage and depth of color from eye shadows. Another good thing about this brush is that you can apply and blend your color without the mess of a brush. The brush has been known to flick powder around the eye area.

Foundation Brush

The foundation brush looks like a big eye shadow brush; it is used paint on your foundation, which makes for a truly smooth controlled application. Because your foundation has been painted on, it will stay in place all day, due to the fact that it hasn’t been blended.

Lipstick Brush

A lipstick brush is small short and moderately stiff and has a straight edge. It is used to paint on the lip color to either outline the lips or to correct your lip shape.

Makeup Pallet

You would use a makeup pallet to put your cosmetics on it for hygiene reasons, this way you don’t contaminate your products.

Orange Stick

An orange stick is used to scrap product form containers such as mascara where a spatula cannot get in.

Pencil Sharpener

The sizes of pencil sharpeners vary depending on the pencil you are using. For sterilization purposes it is better to use a metal one which is specially designed for makeup pencils as they are better to sterilize.


Another must have tool, spatulas are very important for hygiene reasons. You would use them to remove product from their containers to your pallet hygienically.


Tissues are used to protect the face so that you do not smudge the makeup that you have already applied.


Tweezers are normally used to remove unwanted eyebrow hair that could spoil the look of your eye makeup


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