Best Snack on Earth is Cheese

Choose flavorful cheeses to save calories in your meals

I like to think of myself as a very responsible person, but put me in a room with a block of cheese and I cannot be trusted. My mom says that as a baby I was most content eating pieces of cheese, and the same thing could be said about me today.

Cheese is definitely my favorite food. But while it’s high in protein and calcium, it is also high in calories and fat. Here’s a break down of key nutrition data for some of the most popular cheeses:

1 oz. serving

Blue Cheese

99 calories

8g fat

Brie Cheese

94 calories

8g fat

Cheddar Cheese

113 calories

9g fat

Feta Cheese

74 calories

6g fat

Goat Cheese

75 calories

6g fat

Mozzarella Cheese

84 calories

6g fat

Swiss Cheese

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