Collection: Fit for a bride!

Collection: Fit for a bride!

Collection: Fit for a bride!At The House of Ensemble, exhibiting his bridal collection titled Fahad Hussayn’s Trousseau, on the evening of May 27, the young designer once again brought in ‘a contemporary element in the fashion world’.

His was an entire collection, a tribute to the Rajput Princess Mirabai who comes from Ratan Singh’s family. “She was a mystical figure, a singer, who was not greatly loved by her family, for [taking up] singing.”

But this inspiration is not new to him for, earlier on, he has done collection on Noor Bai, a singer belonging to the era of the Mughal court. Come to think of it, why is every other character inspired royalty? To this, Hussayn answers: “I am a reader. I read a lot of history books and get inspiration from characters. All these interesting characters get explored and a story of my clothes is made through them.” But he insists, he is a culturally-sensitive person, and asserts, “Now Mirabai wore this choli and lower-cut outfit, which I believe cannot be worn here in Pakistan. I need to know my limits, style and particular culture that I cater to, you have to keep it real. Hence these clothes charm my clients.”

About the outfits, he adds: “I give people a variation of what they can have hence, for them, these beautiful bridal collections are what I offer them.” With extensive embroidery, it is the sacha gota or what we call the woven metal technique that charms his customers for a complete ethnic look.

Currently in stock, Fahd Hussayn’s prêt line starts from Rs2,000 and goes up to Rs12,000.

Present at the launch, was socialite Nazneen Tariq who said: “This designer Fahad Hussayn came out very late in our midst. I love his collection and am really inspired by the fact how ethnic he has kept his collection and charms everyone.” He says that he does bridal collection twice a year and often just before the wedding season. Though it was a multicolored collection, the focus was towards either all whites, or black and even pink. To this he says: “My black comes from the PFDC fashion week collection and the pink line is purely prêt.”

For him: “Runway is a canvas and gives a license to the designer to create. For me, my bridal collection is my bread and butter. Prêt is a market driven collection, look in the local elements and you will see certain areas and be able to create.” He says: “I am currently exhibiting at Ensemble and will stock here soon.” And finally what is the Mirabai collection to him: “It’s very me! No matter how hard I try to detach myself from Rajasthani culture, I simple cannot.”


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