Connection Between Beauty and Health

Connection Between Beauty and Health

Connection Between Beauty and HealthDo you understand how much money you spend on cosmetics, you will be surprised. Many people pay thousands of dollars on cosmetics every year. The range of makeup, hair and skin care, can the people be substantial.Why investment money for such things? The answer is that they want to be beautiful. They want to be attractive to other people. The use of cosmetics can imagine yourself presentable to others and you may not be able to live without them.

You can never be another factor, the beauty, however. No matter how much money you spend on cosmetics, but would be nice if you are healthy inside. This is because physical appearance is a direct reflection of the state’s health.Have Have you ever woken up feeling sick this morning? Chances are, even if all the cosmetics, someone saw you, and I realized he was not feeling well. May they noticed that the skin was unusually pale or red, have you had to sweat, and it seemed to slip.

If this experience can not understand how health can be seen from outside. Think about how it affects the skin. If you feel strong and healthy, have a healthy skin and color. Your skin has more elasticity and does not look wrinkled and swollen as it could be a day of illness. Skin cells to fill up too quickly, which makes the skin smooth and soft.

Your health is your wealth. You have no tooth decay, and if you are healthy because the body more effectively kill harmful bacteria. You have a company of pink bubble gum infection. A beautiful smile is a healthy hair smile.Your also reflects the level of health. If you are healthy, you need your hair is thick, shiny and elastic. If your health suffers, however, your hair is thin and dull. This is not the same brightness.

Cosmetics can not disguise the fact poor health. No matter how much lotion or apply on the skin as the color rubbed, do not look so nice when you are not welcome. So if you want to look good for the health priority. Be sure to eat a nutritious diet and exercise. The right amount of sleep, too. If you follow these simple steps can do more than you think. Only to improve your health is also the beauty.


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