Dairy Products Match Your Age

Dairy Products Match Your Age

Dairy Products Match Your AgeAge 30s
parmesan cheese

Bone development is still in the early age of 30. Get calcium with parmesan cheese sprinkled on food. tablespoon of parmesan cheese contains only 41 calories, but give about one / 8 of Figures Nutritional Adequacy of calcium.

Age 40s
soy milk

Soybeans are rich in natural plant estrogens can provide a supply of this hormone when approaching menopause. Usefulness among other less frequent hot flushes and lowers the risk of osteoporosis. Be positive to pick soy milk fortified with calcium.

Age 50s
Semi-skimmed milk

The risk of heart illness increases after menopause. Mean time to reduce the fat that can raise cholesterol in dairy products. Semi-skimmed milk may be an option because it feels like full-fat milk but only one.7% fat and 131 calories per half pint.

Age 60s
probiotic yogurt

The number of lovely bacteria in the stomach is decreased with increasing age. The result is: vulnerable food poisoning and lowered immune process. To increase the number of lovely bacteria, probiotics with yogurt dressing.


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