Milk Can Be Used For Skin Care

Milk Can Be Used For Skin Care

Milk Can Be Used For Skin CareThe most important ingredient in a child’s life is milk. This pure, white, creamy milk is used for many things other than just consuming. These days, a number of parlors, use carton milk when it comes to cleansing the face, of their customer. How does it help, is the first question which would come to your mind!

Other than just cleansing your face, there are other uses of milk when it comes to skin care. So here is the list below, as to how it will help you achieve flawless skin!

1.The most common problem that all of us try to get rid of is those nasty pimples. Milk for skin care can be used to wade off these zits in no time. If you are in a hurry to remove pimples along with the scars, the use of nutmeg ground well and mixed with warm milk, will do the trick. Dip a small cotton ball in the content and gently massage your face with the nutmeg and milk solution.

2.Milk for skin care can be also used to get rid of cracked skin! This is a common problem, in the winter as well as the summer season. Mix a small proportion of milk and lemon juice, massage your face in an upward direction and let it dry for 5 or 10 min or so. This will not only help to give you supple skin, but also gets rid of blackheads and pimples.

3.The golden gel, Honey is also a great product for skin care. Thereby, if you mix a small proportion of milk and honey and massage your body for about 10 minutes on a daily basis, you are bound to get that flawless skin. Milk for skin care along with honey, help to remove black spots and it makes the skin feel hydrated too. ( It also acts as a good exfoliation for dry skin)

4.Milk for skin care can be used along with fruit pulp. Squash a handful of fresh strawberries in a bowl, mix half a cup of milk along with that of the milk cream. Apply on the face and neck and massage in an upward direction. This will remove that dead skin, giving you a soft result!

5.The last and best option of milk for skin care is by consuming it. The healthy food contains Vitamin C which prevents dry skin, pimples and of course makes you look appealing, with a glow! Note: Opt for skinned milk, which is considered best for daily consumption.

These are the best home remedies, that one can use to get gorgeous skin!


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