Dry Scalp Is The Reason For Hair Loss

Dry Scalp Is The Reason For Hair LossDry scalp and hair loss is directly related. The reason behind hair loss is that the hair follicles become dry, and it becomes brittle, which in turn results in hair loss. So in order to avoid hair fall, you need to protect your scalp from getting dry or itchy, then only you can protect yourself from hair loss.

You need to find out the reason for your hair loss, and then only you can deal with it and treat it accordingly. It is necessary for you to understand the type of hair you have and then follow a particular hair care regime.

Causes of Dry Scalp
There are various conditions which results in dry scalp. As your scalp becomes dry, the hair follicles become weak, which in turn accelerates hair loss. Given below are few such reasons of hair loss, avoiding which will check your hair loss problem.

Weather Condition
Dry scalp can also be caused due to certain weather conditions which prevail at a particular region. It either may be of excessive heat or it may be due to excessive cold. Any kind of extreme weather conditions may lead to dry scalp and in turn hair loss problem.

Exposure to Heat
If you use excessive hot water to clean your hair, it may lead to hair loss, as it will make your scalp dry. On the other hand, too much use of hair dryer, hair blower or hair straightener also results in severe and acute hair loss. Excessive heat lessens the moisture content in the scalp, which results in loss of hair.

Frequent Shampooing
Too much and frequent use of shampoo along with conditioner also results in hair loss. Due to the harsh chemicals present in the shampoo, using too much of it destroys the hair follicle and in turn results in hair loss. Even though some believe that washing hair frequently will make it clean but in truth it is a misconception only.

Lack of proper Nutrition
If you do not follow a proper diet, it may also result in hair loss. The lack of nutrients results in dry scalp and hair loss. Too much intake of junk and processed food also results in lack of nutrition and required mineral. This lack will result in improper function of sebaceous gland which in turn will result in dryness of the scalp.

Hard Water

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