Sunscreen summer skin care

Ditch the excuses to use Sunscreen

Sunscreen summer skin care

Ditch the excuses and protect your skin. It wouldn’t be summer without hot dogs, fireworks, and sunscreen—or perhaps guilt over skipping sunscreen (studies show as many as 40 percent of adults don’t use it). But it’s never too late to start. Reader’s Digest combed the latest product reviews from Consumer Reports, Prevention, Good Housekeeping, and more to find the best sunscreens for any scenario. Before you buy: Remember that only products with SPF 15 or higher can say they prevent burns and skin cancer, according to new FDA rules.

1. Excuse: I hate reapplying when I’m at the beach.

Choose: Broad-spectrum products with at least SPF 30. sprays and foams make applying less annoying.

2. Excuse: Sunscreen irritates my skin.

Choose: Broad-spectrum products free of dyes, fragrances, and alcohol (it’s drying). Or opt for sunscreen with mineral blockers, such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which are less irritating.

3. Excuse: I always sweat it off.

Choose: Broad-spectrum products with good sweat and water resistance; sprays help ensure easier applications after workouts.

4. Excuse: My skin is already sun damaged.

Choose: Any broad-spectrum products with at least SPF 30. It’s never too late to start protecting skin, and most sun exposure occurs after age 18, not during childhood.

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