Do Eyelashes Grow Back? Long Lash Growth and Solutions

Do Eyelashes Grow Back? Long Lash Growth and Solutions

Do Eyelashes Grow Back? Long Lash Growth and SolutionsThere are many people that are born with eyelashes that are shorter, yet have desired them longer. If you’ve tried creams, lotions, and just about everything you can think of, there is still the option of eyelash extensions. Before we go there though let’s answer the question, “Do eyelashes grow back?”

Who does not want long luscious eyelashes? There are a few good ways to achieve a fluttery look using eyelash extensions, false eyelashes or even eyelash growth treatments, such as Latisse. However, extensions and false eyelashes can often cause damage to your real hairs, causing them to break off and appear even more short and sparse. Leading to the question, “do eyelashes grow back?”

You are in luck, yes actually eyelashes do grow back but it often takes quite a bit of time. We are talking months here. And while you may be tempted to slap on a eyelash growth serum, there are significant safety hazards involved in using them. So many people just choose to grow out their hairs naturally and find other ways to make them appear longer without damaging their real lashes.

There are other factors aside from cosmetic reasons on why your lashes will break or appear shorter. Influences such as your hormones, your age and even your diet and lifestyle habits can contribute to slow growing and sparse eyelashes. Here is a quick and nerdy overview in how your eyelashes actually grow.

3 Steps to Eyelash Growth:

1.) The first phase when the eyelash hair begins to appear is known as the “anagen” phase. –Here the hair follicle is building cells up to form the shaft of the hair. This stage takes about 8 long weeks.

2.) The second stage is called “catagen” and follows anagen. Here the new hair is growing up and the hair follicle becomes smaller. This takes 2 to 3 weeks.

3.) Finally, the last stage of “telogen” occurs which is a resting point. There is no more growth going on in this phase, the eyelash is fully grown and after some time the body will eventually shed the eyelash and start over again back to step 1.

If you aim to help increase the speed of this process or maybe encourage the categen phase to make your hair grow a little longer there are a few good tips that people utilize everyday to increase their hair growth. Eating a well balanced diet that gives you the right vitamins and minerals will help boost your hair growth naturally. Habits like drinking and smoking will reduce the natural process so it is wise to cut back or eliminate them entirely. If for some reason you have scar tissue formed over the skin beneath your eyelashes, this is one instance where your eyelashes will not grow back and you should think about using false eyelashes or looking into getting eyelash implants from a plastic surgeon.

To date one of the best ways to achieve immediate long lashes it to get eyelash extensions from a professional esthetician or makeup artist. The lashes are put on individually and the process usually takes about one hour. The results last for about one month. With continued use of extensions you will never have to wonder, “do eyelashes grow back?” because you will always have nice long ones.


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