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Dressing a Tall Woman’s Figure in Longer Length Clothes Sizes

Tall women fashion tipsTall women come in two types: models, and the rest of us. Although in the Western world, men and women have been growing taller and taller over the generations, women over 5 ft 8″ are considered tall when it comes to clothing manufacturers, who apparently measure their profits in the extra inch or two it would take to make tall women (or plus size women) comfortable in their clothes.

Tall women also run the risk of becoming terrifically shy, since they tend to shoot up like bamboo while the nastiest little boys in junior high are still all mouth and no brains. Being tall makes it nearly impossible for girls to disappear, which lets them in for a lot of teasing and mental torture. The lucky girls use their height to establish an athletic career, and can pound short, nasty boys into the turf, but the rest of us just suffer through it and hope to exact our revenge in college.

Be Proud of Your Tall Model like Height

There is no way to look less tall. Let’s just get that out of the way right now. Slouching, if anything, makes women look taller, which may be why the flappers affected a bizarre, S-shaped posture that made them look like they had belly cramps. Tall was sexy then, even with cramps.

In fact, tall is sexy now, but if you were one of those tormented, willowy teens, you may not have gotten over the trauma of living in a world where it’s better to be mediocre than to stand out in any way from the crowd. If you have problems accepting that tall is sexy, note the fact that most girls can’t even consider a modeling career if they’re under 5 ft 9″.

High Heels vs. Flat Shoes

Fashionistas tell tall gals to wear flats, maybe because fashion is based on the idea that no matter what you look like, you should attempt the opposite. Flat shoes don’t add height, but they also don’t do much for your legs. If you’re going to be tall, (and, clearly you are), have fabulous legs and great posture to match. Downplay your height, and you downplay a positive attribute: play it up, and you’re operating in a whole new league: real, individual, unapologetic style.

Worried About Dating Shorter Men – Don’t Be!

Here’s another radical idea. If you’re uncomfortable dating men who are shorter than you, don’t bother. You don’t owe any favors to a guy who’s probably dating you because he likes your looks: you should like his looks, and if short guys don’t appeal to you, don’t waste their time or yours. Tall men are often looking for tall women for very practical reasons: they’re easier to dance with, and they make a tall man feel like he’s out with a woman, not a doll. You have every right to date men you find appealing.

Dress in Clothes to Flatter Your Tall Body Type

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  1. Thank-you so much for this article. This is such an uplifting change to the usual view on tall women. So many people portray the view that I (at 6feet) ‘shouldn’t be tall’ like it’s a choice or it’s a bad thing I do on purpose and i feel so ticked about it. Finally someone who thinks tall is beautiful 🙂

    Thank you, again.

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