Transform Average Sizes Into Tall Women's Fashions

Transform Average Sizes Into Tall Women’s Fashions

Transform Average Sizes Into Tall Women's FashionsWith a little creativity, you can transform average size clothes into your own tall women’s fashions. When might you need to do this? Maybe you’ve come across an amazing deal, but the item doesn’t come in tall sizes. Or maybe the airlines lost your luggage and you’re stuck out of town with no tall clothes. Or maybe you got called last minute to work at an event that required a special pair of pants. It’s not like you can just run to the department store to pick up a few pieces…or can you?

There’s nothing wrong with a little altering to get the look you need for tall women’s fashions. Take average size clothes and make the style work for you. The next time you’re caught in the tall woman’s dilemma, try these on for size…

* Cuffed or Wide-Hem Pants – If you’re shopping for pants and there are no tall women’s sizes in sight, move your eyes downward and look for pants with either cuffs or wide hems. On regular-length pants, cuffs and wide hems can be let out to accommodate your longer inseam.

* Boots Over Jeans – Wearing boots over a pair of jeans is a hot trend and tall women should take advantage. If you find jeans you love but they are just too short, get them anyway. You can wear boots over them and no one will ever know.

* Cropped Jeans or Pants – If you really like the look of a certain pair of jeans or pants, but it doesn’t come in tall women’s sizes, chop them off and make them capris.

* Cuffed Sleeve Shirts and Jackets – It’s the same concept as shopping for pants with cuffs. You can un-cuff the sleeves to make room for your longer arms.

* Layering – If you have a shirt that’s too short, layer a long length tee or tank underneath. The chances of finding a longer length layering piece at a regular retail store is much greater than finding a tall top to fit. You can, also, find layering tees and tanks here.

* 3/4 Length Sleeve Shirts – At a store and can’t find a shirt with sleeves that are long enough? Go for a 3/4 length sleeve shirt. You’re supposed to bare your wrists with this style…perfect!

* Tunics – These tops are made to be extra long on an average body frame, giving you that additional length to make it a tall fit. Tunics can be found in all styles, from casual to chic. They are ideal for creating your own tall women’s fashions.

* Too-Short Dresses –

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