Five Beauty Tips for the Monsoon

monsoon1. Foundation Tip :Avoid a water-based foundation because with the humidity level increasing, it’d easily dissolve. Go for an oil-based concealer or just dab some compact powder.

2. Eyes Tip: Wear brighter colors. Metallic shades are the best for your eyes and you can also add some depth with thick kajal. Subtle shimmer on the eyes is perfect for a night-out.

3. Lips Tip: Given the humidity, glossy lipsticks tend to leak and matt lipsticks make your face look dull. It is best to go for a creamy matt lipstick.

4. Cheeks Tip:
Use a touch of cream blush as it is waterproof. A dash of the blush on your cheekbones also accentuates your features.

5. Mascara Tip:

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