Five Things You Should Do For Yourself In 2008

1. Take a proper care of your hands
Soft, velvety hands are one of the few beauty arsenals. Apply moisturizing hand cream once or twice a day – look for a product that contains more natural ingredients, essential oils (almond oil, castor oil, honey extracts, chamomile extract, Vaseline). Massage your hands for 5/ 10 minutes every second day with a massaging oil or with the help of an oilier hand cream – this will improve the blood circulation, allowing new, healthier skin cells to emerge.
Don’t forget to exfoliate your hands once a week with a mild exfoliator to remove the dead skin cells, dry cuticles or patches that make your hands look dry and unhealthy.

Don’t forget to do your manicure and pedicure regularly. This season the brighter hues made a comeback? dark red, black, brown, violet.

2. Nourish your skin properly
We have said this hundreds of times and we will say it again: Eating healthy foods (that contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants) is essential for a healthy, younger-looking skin. Just like your organism, your skin also needs a proper nutrition? vitamins, especially vitamins C, D, E, A, minerals and antioxidants. So make sure your diet includes fresh fruits and vegetables /oranges, bananas, cherries, strawberries, avocados, etc./ , chicken meat, fish, mild. Avoid eating greasy foods, sugar, chocolate, especially during the colder months of the year.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water every day ? at least 1.5 liter mineral water to keep your body and skin well-hydrated.

3. Take a proper care of your hair
Taking a proper care of your hair all year around is essential in order to keep it healthy-looking and shining. You know how damaging some things are: frequent dying, the harmful UVA and UBV rays, straightening your hair daily without a protection. Do your best to prevent damaging your hair by: applying a nourishing hair mask once or twice a week; using moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that are appropriate for your hair type; applying heat protecting hair product every time you straighten your hair with a flat iron; using hair care products that offer sun protection (with UVA and UVB filters) during the summer months; wearing hats or scarves when you are at the beach.

Don’t forget to trim your hair every month to prevent split ends.

4. Exfoliate your whole body regularly
Exfoliating your skin regularly is essential in order to keep your skin healthy, soft and younger-looking. When exfoliating you remove the dead skin cells accumulated through the year. The clean epidermis is something necessary in order to achieve great and even complexion.Exfoliation is a technique aimed to improve the skin’s appearance by removing the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Exfoliating your body twice a week is recommended in order to get rid of any dry skin, as it stimulates circulation and increases your skin’s absorption of any nourishing or moisturizing ingredients. If you don’t remove these cells your skin will look dull, older, rough and lusterless. Regularly exfoliating the skin will help you maintain the skin in its optimum condition and accelerates the skin renewal process.

Don’t forget to use different exfoliators for your face and for your body.

5. Visit a beautician regularly
The professional care of your skin, at least once a months is a must, as there are some beauty procedures that you cannot perform at your home. Go to a licensed beautician to have a professional facial, face mask and professional face mask. Great eyebrows are a beauty essential and key element to a polished look. Start with a professional brow consultation to work out the best shape for your face.

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