Mothers Day

Five tips on celebrating Mothers’ Day

Mothers Day

So it’s Mothers’ Day, and despite your friends having changed their profile photos to pictures of their mothers, you somehow forgot to prepare. Don’t worry, it’s not too late to cook something up. Here are some friendly tips for everyone and their mother for this special day.

1. Keep it simple. Cards and flowers are nice, but it’s the little things you take for granted that really count. “It’s a bit funny, but I guess what I’d enjoy for Mothers’ Day is a break from mother duty,” says Nikki, mother of a two year-old. Your mother would surely appreciate it if you could take over for a bit, so she can relax. Instead of spending all day glued to your computer, why not do some chores around the house? Or grant your mom’s wish to see you clean your room.

2. Tell her you love her. Of course we all love our moms. But unless you grew up saying it out loud, it can be difficult to say those three words without appearing to be wanting something. “I’m afraid that if I say I love you, the answer will be, ‘Okay, what did you do this time?'” says Joey, a twenty-something college student. Fortunately, Mothers’ Day gives you an excuse to be cheesy. While you’re at it, give her a kiss and a hug as well. You’d be surprised at how good it will make her feel. “A little extra attention is always appreciated – specially in the form of hugs and kisses. Thankfully, my daughter’s last words to me every night are always “I-wadjoo!” which she keeps on repeating until I say it back to her and she’s 19!” says Cecille.

3. Take her out. Like any other holiday, establishments have capitalized on Mothers’ Day. Almost anywhere you look, there’s sure to be a promo or special event for Mothers’ Day. Take her shopping, or to a nice restaurant, or maybe watch a movie. You could even go all out and book a room at the Hotel. Or if you’re feeling generous, giver her a Blackberry smartphone loaded with apps for moms. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you consider your mom and what she would like.

4. Stay home. Give your mom a relaxing day. Cook her breakfast. Call in for a massage. If watching the Pacquiao fight doesn’t interest you, maybe you can watch some feel-good movies. Mothers’ Day can also be spent remembering loved ones who have passed away. ” I try not to dwell on the commercialism of Mother’s Day but on its beautiful intent — to honor one’s mother,” says Didi, whose own mother was buried on Mothers’ Day in 1998. “My own mom passed away 13 years ago so I intend to lay flowers at her grave site. There is not a day, though, that I don’t think of her and how life would be if she were still around,” she says. She plans to spend this Mothers’ Day with her son and his family just to hang out and share lunch and then watch the Pacquiao fight.

5. Be creative. If you don’t have the time or money to spend, you can think of do-it-yourself gifts, like coupons. You can also go back to your childhood days and make a homemade card. It may not look as fancy as store-bought ones, but the extra effort makes it extra sweet.


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