General Grooming Tips

General Grooming Tips

General Grooming TipsGrooming is a form of personal hygiene. Grooming is very important to have a positive self-image. The first looks at a person gives an idea of ​​how well -maintained and well worth the person is and what kind of personality they have.

Some of the ideas of personal hygiene can be followed are:

• Wear appropriate clothing for every occasion. The right clothing is in practice with good care.

• Use deodorant or body spray every morning and keep a container with you if necessary.

• Wash your hair frequently and keep it healthy and shiny.

• Cut and trim your hair regularly. Hairstyle should complement direct to your facial features and shapes.

• Keep nails neat and clean. Avoid painting with dark colors or bright, unless a special occasion.

• Clean and moisturize your skin every day, on a regular basis, especially if skin is dry and flaky.

• Avoid the use of additional accessories such as nose rings and tattoos in business.

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• Always be straightforward and well dressed to impress others.

• Avoid wearing clothing that is dirty, wrinkled appearance or smell of body odor.

• Refrain from preparing it in public.

• Limit the habit of chewing gum to mainly when you are on your own or with friends. Do not chew gum at the office or professional meeting.

• And last but not least, a balanced and healthy diet. And exercise regularly. Eat fruits and vegetables to fast food and the maximum to minimum.

Simple dress and good manners shows safe, reliable and considerate personality.


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