Funky Monsoon Hairstyles For Women!

Funky Monsoon Hairstyles For Women!

Funky Monsoon Hairstyles For Women!During the monsoon, the one thing that most women fear is their hair getting all messed up. The rain has a lot of effects for the hair, it can cause dandruff problems and lice too.

However, here is the list of hairstyles for the monsoon season, you can sport on this time. It is trendy and absolutely easy to sport!

1.Braids – This hairstyle is easy to sport on and can be used on any length of hair. Actresses like Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson usually sport on side braids. All you have to do is first tie a pony tail, after which rope your hair. You can either have a single braid or two braids on either side of your head. For round faces, the center braid is perfect and for square faces, side braids are the best.

2.Pony tails – This is one of the easiest hairstyle for monsoon. All you have to do is tie your hair back and using different colored scrunchies, tie your hair into a high ponytail. Blow drying your hair before you tie it into a high ponytail is apt.

3.Bun- The ballerina bun, is the most famous hairstyle for monsoon. It is also rated as the best hairstyle of the year 2011 after the movie, ‘Black Swan’! When you go in for a bun hairstyle, do not tie it tight as the forehead will be pulled backwards and in a way, it is not good for the hair. The messy bun for is yet another hairstyle for the monsoon, so if you are late for work/college, run your fingers through your hair first and tie it into a messy bun!

When you sport on these hairstyles for monsoon, you can opt for funky hair accessories which will go according to the attire you wear!


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