Day To Day Hair Care Tips For Monsoon

Day To Day Hair Care Tips For Monsoon

Day To Day Hair Care Tips For MonsoonIt isn’t very hard to take a good care of your hair, that too in monsoon. Some simple tips can help in maintaining your hair all long. Hair care doesn’t require expensive brands to be in good condition but basics is definitely a must.

It is hard to take a good care of hair in the rainy season as the hair remains moist for a long time. Even after a shower, it takes really long to dry due to humid climate. Many even complain of headache due to the wet hair.

Sometimes, the wet hair may even lead to odor and may not smell good. Today, we will give you a few hair care tips for monsoon. Make a note and care your hair as much you do for your face.

Hair Care Tips For Monsoon –

1. For those who have dandruff, do not wash hair over dry scalp but try massaging with curds or refined oil for at least 45 minutes. Thicker oil like castor is not for monsoon as it is very hard to wash it away from hair and scalp. Massaging with warm coconut oil is best for the season.

2. For an even distribution of oil on scalp and hair, the hair needs combing. Combing also helps in improving blood circulation thus leading to healthy growth of hair.

3. For lice, itchy and irritating scalp, neem oil is the best. The medicinal properties in the oil leads to a healthy hair and scalp.

4. For the hair to remain thick and black, apply warm oil mixed with curry leaves.

5. Use a herbal or a good anti dandruff shampoo. Wash hair every 2-3 times a week else the hair gets damaged due to pollutants in the air. For rough hair, using conditioners are a must.

6. Using hair dryers once in a while is not a bad idea. Use dry towels to wipe away moisture in hair.

7. Do not comb or style your hair when damp. The tresses will be weak when wet leading to heavy damage.

8. Hair coloring or straightening is not a good idea for the season as it takes very long to wash your hair and dry, stay as natural as possible.

These hair care tips are your day to day solutions. Using natural hair colors like mehendi or tea dicoction is definitely a better option.


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