Hair loss Remedies, Causes and Prevention

Hair loss is something that is experienced by every individual at some time in their lives. When 50% of about 100,000 hairs are lost, only then loss of hairs becomes noticeable. That is quite a huge number of hairs being gone.

That is why it is so important to always take care of your hair. This article discusses the causes of hair loss in the following as to enable you to prevent the damage. The following are some of the causes which if avoided can lead to prevention of hair loss.

Causes of Hair Loss:
Improper use of hair products:
Many people use chemical treatment on their hair like dyes, tints, straightening lotions, etc. Although these treatments get you the required hair, but excessive use of these products can damage your hair. So by avoiding it, it could be prevented.

Excessive Shampooing and Combing:
Shampooing and combing are necessary for the health of the hair but excessively doing both these can lead to hair damage and loss. so by lessening the activity it could lead to prevention of hair loss.

Some hairstyles like the troop cut style the hair in an unnatural position. These things cause hair damage. So by keeping a simple hair style hair loss can be prevented.

Blow Drying :
Many people and even hair stylists brush hairs while blow drying. The recent studies show that it is very damaging to the hair as heat from the blow dryer already damages the protein in the hair and makes them weak and liable to break off; brushing the hair during this process is even more damaging. So by avoiding this activity it hair loss prevention is possible.

Inadequate Protein Intake:
Protein is necessary for your hair health. Make sure that you are eating foods that are rich in protein. Your hair loss may be the cause of your low protein intake. By increasing the protein intake hair loss can be prevented.

Unavoidable causes:
Heredity thinning or balding, child birth, high fever, cancer treatments and other major surgeries also result in hair loss. Since they are not avoidable one can’t do anything about those but if one takes care of their hair and adhere to the prevention methods above.

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