Natural Homemade Hair Care Tips for Curly, Wavy, and Straight Hair

Healthier and shinier hair is something everybody loves. Is your hair in bad condition? If the answer is yes, you can turn your bad looking hair into great looking hair by simply following are some hair care tips,practices and diet information.

Hair Care Diet:
Excessive use of these in your diet can be pretty damaging to your hair:

* Sweets
* Chocolates
* Cakes
* Cookies

Try your level best to replace them with fresh fruits and green vegetables in your diet to help with your hair care.

Hair Care Tips:
Straight Hair:
Use a deep cleansing shampoo and apply a clarifying gel to the roots once a week to prevent your hair to lie flat against the scalp where it can build up shine-dulling oil. This is the best practice for straight hair.

Wavy Hair:
Use a shampoo and conditioner that gives shine to your hair. A wide-toothed comb is recommended for curly hairs, as it easily separates and smooths. This will give your wavy hair the shine you need.

Curly Hair:
Use a shampoo and conditioner with moisturizer as this type of hair are more open to dryness. After the bath, try to let it dry naturally and when dried comb it with your fingers. This will give your curly hair the support it needs.

Hair care practices:
No matter what type of hairs you possess, trying these everyday hair care tips can do wonders for your hair without any side effects.

* Never comb wet hairs as they are more prone to damage.
* Don’t shampoo everyday as the chemicals in the shampoos can damage the scalp if used daily.
* Do wash your hair with water everyday.
* Eat nutritious foods.

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