Need Some Help With Your Hair

Need Some Help With Your Hair

Need Some Help With Your HairSince it is the static electricity and rough hair cuticles which cause flyaway, you can control flying hair with hair-care products. While people may suggest crash diet for your weight and hair care.

You should know that such diets can only lead to loss of hair. You can prevent breakouts on the scalp and hairline by not using hair products on the scalp, and using clean hats or baseball caps, which are not very tight.

Try Not To Use Blow Dryer Daily

When you don’t subject the hair to heat, you will reduce damage to your hair. You should especially try to find whether hair has been dry or broken and breakages of hair occur due to heat of the dryer. Try to set the blow dryer at low and use products which can help the health of your hair.

Graying hair and loss of hair

Aging turns the hair grey because the cells start losing Melanin. This is a gradual process which can happen anytime between 30 and 60 years. If there is sudden loss of hair, it can be a symptom of some sickness.

Dry hair

Since your hair is made of lot of water, when the hair becomes dry, it tends to break. You should use conditioners and shampoos which moisturize the hair. They should be gentle but you should try a special moisturizing course of treatment.

Hair Coloring

The permanent hair dyes has lots of chemicals which react with Hydrogen Peroxide in the hair. These permanent dyes last only for a maximum of six weeks. Hence, you would need to apply them regularly to keep your desired hair color. Before applying, you should pre-test as some people are allergic to the chemicals in the dyes.

Male Baldness

People tend to believe that when you start balding, there will be lots of hairs on your pillow or you’ll notice fall of hair when you are shampooing. This is not true. You will not see any extra hair fall, instead hair will continue to fall in its normal rate, but the re-growth will be thinner and lesser.

Sudden Loss Of Hair

When you undergo a surgery or are down with an infection, stress or having weight loss problems, it is common to see that there is a sudden loss of hair, which is usually a temporary passing phase.

Your hair has about 13% water. When the water content drops drastically, your hair will not be able to stretch smoothly; hence, it breaks easily. If that is happening to you, switch to a moisturizing shampoo as well as conditioner to increase the water content again.

Also, do not use too much of curling irons or hair dryers. That can decrease your hair water content very quickly. To get back some real moisture into your hair, treat yourself to a special moisturizing hair spa.

There are many things you can do to prevent flyaway hair or have a bad hair day. If your hair is kept in good healthy condition, you would have half the battle won. You can learn to tie up your hair or pin the stray pieces in place properly to prevent flying hair.


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