Flawless Beauty Routine

We all have beauty habits to suit our personal lifestyles, but some of those habits can do more harm than good. Here are some beauty blunders and tips to help you perfect your makeup and beauty regimen.

Wrinkle in Time

Putting on eyeliner makes eyes look more exotic and lashes look thicker, but applying it can be tricky. Skin can move, making it hard to apply a straight line from one corner of the eye to the other.

Break the Habit

Pulling corners of the eye to make skin taut might seem like the perfect solution to your application dilemma, but since the skin is three times thinner around the eye area than the rest of the face, this beauty habit can cause premature wrinkles.


For upper eye, apply eyeliner from each corner of the eye drawing inward and stopping in the centre. Skin will naturally stay taut, so creating a fine line is easy to achieve.

For lower eye, look slightly upward and gently press on the fatty area between the orbital bone and the lashes. This will cause the lash line to tilt downward without tugging on
delicate skin.

Don’t Trash the Lash

Cleansing every night is a great habit, but not all facial cleansers are designed to properly remove mascara and condition lashes.

Break the Habit

When facial cleansers don’t remove mascara properly, you may be tempted to scrub your lashes clean, causing breakage and even damage to lash follicles.


Start by saturating a cotton ball with a natural eye makeup remover–one that is specifically designed for the eyes. Hold it on your eye for a few moments to break down makeup; then gently wipe makeup away without scrubbing.

Guys’ Night

Men can experience skin problems, too. From ingrown hair to five-o’clock shadow, men can minimize their skin problems with the right daily skin regimen.

Break the Habit

Many men think a regular skin care routine will take up too much time, so they wash their face with whatever soap is nearby. This can be very drying to skin.


Taking care of your skin by using a natural facial cleanser and moisturizer designed for your skin type can help maintain skin balance and reduce razor bumps. Once you start on a skin care regimen, it can be as easy as brushing your teeth.

Bumpy Ride

Moisturizing skin can keep it hydrated and minimize the signs of aging. Proper hydration is even more essential for the delicate skin around your eyes.

Break the Habit

Moisturizers that are not designed for the eye area can be too emollient and block the tiny pores causing small bumps to appear.


To prevent future skin problems, use only natural moisturizers that are approved for the eye area. Apply moisturizer cremes along the orbital bone to avoid getting it in your eyes.

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